Two thousand years ago Mary Magdalene and the Therapeuts of Alexandria used the ingredients of this salve in many different ways.

First of all it was used in the ritual of the 'anointing of feet' and next it was used as an all-round aid for any kind of skin disease.

The Salve has a soothing, antiseptic, tranquilizing and cleansing effect that kills pain and makes minor wounds heal faster.

The Therapeuts used to chew some of the ingredients and mix it with spittle to produce a compress applied externally for the healing of many forms of disease. The Salve has a stimulating effect on both the etheric and the physical body, and it relieves the muscles and nerves of all forms of stress so that the patient might recover faster. The Original Anointing Salve of Maria Magdalene is your perfect remedy for both body and soul.