From an intense study of the Bible, the Apocrypha and other sources, Nils Erik Aamann Christensen in collaboration with Lars Muhl recreated the original Mary Magdalene Oil and Balm. These sacred paraphernalia were also used 2,000 years ago by the "Therapists" in their rituals and their treatments.

May 15, 2007, Nils Erik attended a grail travel to the Kathar-land in France with Lars Muhl as a travel guide.

"After I had climbed the mountain Montségur for the first time in May 2007, I seated myself purified, at a small café below the mountain to have a cup of chocolate with Lars Muhl and the rest of the group.

Lars asked about a print on my sweatshirt, and I explained that it is my company name, and that I had taken the name from the Bible. my company manufactures creams, ointments and everything within different emulsions and what could be more real than naming the company after this famous ointment. Lars asked then asked if it was not an idea to produce the original ointment? - I had already thought a lot about it within the first years of my company - but rejected it as of a hectic business pace in order to survive. I agreed reluctantly with Lars’ idea, even though deep inside I thought it could be insanely exciting.

I am glad that I took on the task - the two products amazes me constantly in their operation. Long ago when I first read about the "anointing" of kings, holy men and women in old times, I did not have the slightest idea, how subtle and powerful anointing (healing) actually is, I thought it was just an outer symbolic act to honor a human being.


The Grail Mountain, Montségur


"After Lars Muhl put me on the exciting challenge of making the famous biblical oil and balm, I've been on a tremendous journey in connection with the job. It brought us (Lars and I) awareness about Egypt, back to Kathar-land, Salve Terre (the anointed soil) in France, and it led us into the old writings and meetings with many interesting people. "

Personally I have used oil and ointment in countless ways. You use oil on the chakras and the balm on the feet and for skin problems. In relation to this, I constantly sensed that it is "fire" products, when using old terms for drugs (water, fire, air, earth). Not fire in the sense that the products are physically warming, but more because the products have spiritual catharsis properties - purifying / cleansing, refreshing and invigorating - burn everything old and needless."


Charlotte, Founder of SARD Kopenhagen


Charlotte added her feminine input to the Mary Magdalene oils and balm, creating a refinement of the existing product and honoring packaging. It was the baseline of the start of her brand SARDkopenhagen.

SARDkopenhagen is developed by Charlotte Kasandra Tørnby, a CIDESCO beautician, and trained body therapist. Charlotte has worked with conventional skin care for more than 20 years, until she in 2011 developed the concept of SARDkopenhagen.

SARDkopenhagen is an innovative and multi-functional, Danish developed product line, which is based on 100% pure natural oils and ingredients. The product range is suitable for all skin types and needs - even the most sensitive skin type. The basic oils argan, almond and apricot kernel are the foundation of the brand, and each oil target individual skin types, needs and concerns.