These general terms and conditions apply to the use of the Mary Magdalene oils sales site, trading under the name of Jacob Kleberg, (hereinafter referred to as "the Seller") with registered office at ADDRESS and known under the company number VAT NUMBER , (hereinafter referred to as "Site"), email These terms and conditions also apply to the online sale of certain goods (hereinafter referred to as "Products" via the Site) by the Seller in the territory of Denmark.

The consumer has the right to inform the company that he is canceling the purchase, without paying a fine and without giving the motive within 14 calendar days from the day following the delivery of the good or the conclusion of the service agreement .

The Site has been created and is managed by the Seller. The users of the Site (hereinafter referred to as the "Users") may view and print the information on the screen of the Site for personal use.

Copyright 2019 Jacob Kleberg - Mary Magdalene oils - ADDRESS -

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in an automated database or made public in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, by photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission from the publisher.

Every User who wishes to make a purchase confirms that he / she is a natural person, non-trader and authorized to act. Anyone who has been declared incapable under the provisions of Article 1123 et seq. Of the Civil Code may not, under any circumstances, make purchases on the Site. Consulting the Site and the services offered there fall under the authority of the legal representative. That legal representative must comply with these provisions.

With regard to the provision of personal data, the legal representative must in any case complete the registration form himself or give the person who has been declared incompetent explicit permission to fill in the above form, on the understanding that the provisions on personal data elaborated in Article 11 apply in full. remain in force.

The parties agree that the mutual legal relationship is governed exclusively by this contract, to the exclusion of all previously described conditions on the Site. In the absence of a rule, the practices of the "distance selling" sector applied by companies based in Denmarks territory apply.

I. Object

On the one hand, these terms and conditions govern the mere use of the Site by its "User". On the other hand, the present conditions also apply to online sales by the Seller in the territory of Denmark. These conditions are also intended to determine the terms and conditions of sale regarding order, service, payment and delivery and therefore determine the steps required to place an order and guarantee the follow-up of that order between the contracting parties.

II. Order

Every User has the option to click on the desired Product online. The online order can only be processed if the User has clearly identified himself. Each order implies the acceptance of the present general terms and conditions of sale, the prices and the description of the Product offered for sale.

The Seller undertakes to process the orders placed on the Site within 2 days after the Seller has received the user's order, while supplies last.

The User must click on the payment method when ordering online (see VII Payment). The desired pick-up location must also be indicated if the User chooses a specific pick-up location. (see also III Delivery)

The goods will be sent after receipt of payment.


III. Delivery

The delivery of the Products takes place via the services of DHL, ... whereby the order is sent to the home address of the User.

The User acknowledges that he is aware of the fact that the terms and conditions of delivery of the Seller apply to the shipment of the Products and acknowledges accepting them.

The Seller undertakes to deliver the Products as soon as possible, whereby a delivery period of 7 to 14 days is agreed as a target period. However, the parties accept that due to exceptional circumstances the delivery period may be longer than the aforementioned target period or shorter by mutual written agreement.

The shipping costs for the delivery of Products are, subject to change due to circumstances beyond the control of the Seller (eg increase in costs, increase in personnel costs):

Our shipping rates are based on the purchase amount, as well as the shipping destination.



(Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, UK, Spain)

  • Orders up to €100,00 —> € 10,00

  • Free shipping from € 100,00


IV. Return

In accordance with the Law of 6 April 2010 on market practices and consumer protection, the User has the right to revoke his online order within 14 calendar days from the day following the delivery of the Products.

The purchased Product must be returned undamaged and in the original packaging with sufficient postage to the return address of the Seller mentioned below. Hereby the User must add his account number so that the Seller can make the refund. Only the amount actually paid will be reimbursed within 30 days after the Products were received at the return address.

Return address

Mary Magdalene oils - Jacob Kleberg


These conditions for canceling the order and the specified return address apply to Products purchased in the webshop.

The shipping costs for the return of Products ordered online are for the account of the User, unless the delivered Product did not comply with the description of the Product as stated in the order (eg due to damage). Damaged Products must be returned to the return address together with a description of the damage within 14 calendar days and with sufficient postage at the normal postal rates. Damaged items are refunded within 30 days after the Products were received at the return address.


V. Guarantee

All Products are covered by a 1-year warranty from the delivery of the Products. The parties accept that the nature of the Products cannot justify a legal presumption that defects in conformity are suspected to have existed at the time of delivery (in the sense of Article 1649quater, §4 BCC). Defects caused by accidents, negligence or incorrect use (by the User himself or by third parties) are not covered by the warranty and are therefore not a lack of conformity.

The guarantee can be invoked by the return of the Products by the User together with the proof of purchase to the following return address:

Mary Magdalene oils - Jacob Kleberg


The User must indicate in a clearly visible manner where the item is defective. The warranty service of the Seller will then contact the supplier of the Products, who will make a decision as to whether there is a defect in the Products covered by the warranty. If this is not the case, the Products will be returned to the User without repair.



VI. Payment

When placing the order through the Site, payment for the goods is made via credit card or bank transfer.

The User is obliged to state the number of his / her credit card, along with the check number and the expiry date. The confirmation of this payment is done by the User via the secure method using the card and card reader of his bank via the Paypal payment platform. The payment is made immediately in this way.

The goods will be sent with mention of the order number after receipt of payment (by the User).

In the case of payment by bank transfer, the goods will be sent within 24 hours after receipt of the amount to the bank account of Jacob Kleberg with number DK2268110001169980. The customer must make the payment stating the order number.


VII. Acceptance & Story

Any problem or defect regarding the collection / delivery of the Products (including damage to the Products or lack of conformity between the ordered Products and delivered Products) must be reported in writing to the Seller within 7 days with acknowledgment of receipt. In the event of identified problems or defects, the User undertakes to return the received Products to the Seller within 7 days of receiving the Products. The costs associated with the return shipment will be borne by the Seller.

All stories lapse if it appears that the Products were used incorrectly, the guidelines and instructions of the Seller were not followed or if it is undeniably established that the defects are not due to an error of the Seller.


VIII. Prices

All prices include VAT according to the rate applicable for the Products on the date of placing the order by the User.

However, the Seller has the right to adjust the prices that occur on the Site if circumstances, independently of its will, cause the cost price of the Products to rise, such as in the event of an increase in supplier costs, increases in wages, social security charges, transport costs, etc.


IX. Liability

This Site is intended to make general information available to the User about the activities of the Seller.

With regard to access to the Site, the ordering process, the delivery or the other services, the Seller only has a best efforts obligation.

The Seller makes every effort to ensure that the Site is accessible to a normal number of Users at any time.

However, the Seller has the right to suspend or stop the Site in whole or in part at any time for maintenance, updating or for any other reason, even without prior warning.

The Seller cannot be held liable for nuisance or damage caused by the use of the internet, more specifically due to a breakdown of the system, the intrusion of outsiders or a virus, or for any information placed on it or processed by third parties or by anything else which fact is considered to be force majeure by the judiciary. The Seller in no way bears any liability for any indirect damage, such as loss of income, clientele and the like.

The Seller is not liable if the delivery period is exceeded due to the fault of the carrier, nor in the event of loss of the items or in the event of a strike. The User is aware of the transport risks and must address questions in that regard to the carrier.

In whatever assumption, even in the event of a serious error or a serious shortcoming, the liability of the Seller is limited to 50% of the value of the ordered Products.


X. Protection of privacy

This page contains a lot of information about privacy. You can find here how we handle your data, what we do and don't do, and how we will protect and process your data. This page takes into account the new legislation that will take effect from 25 May 2018.

Privacy is important. Therefore, read this page carefully. Do you have questions, are there uncertainties, do you have suggestions? Then we look forward to receiving your response at 


Part 1: You and your right to privacy

You can view your data

You can improve your data

You can have your data deleted

You can object to the specific use of data

You can request to transfer your data to a third party

You can exercise your rights

Part 2: Mary Magdalene oils processes your data for various reasons

2.1 The legal reasons

2.2 Mary Magdalene oils must be able to exercise its activity

2.3 Mary Magdalene oils uses your data to conduct direct marketing

2.4 The use of cookies

2.5 Mary Magdalene oils does not sell any personal data

Part 3: The personal data is used depending on the purpose.

3.1 Information to identify, contact, advise

3.2 Public data and data obtained through third parties

Part 4: The processing of your data

4.1 Access to the personal data

4.2 The processing of your data

4.3 Processors outside the EU

4.4 Measures for the protection of your personal data

4.5 The limited storage of your data


Part 1: You and your right to privacy.

If you leave information, you have a lot of rights. If you give your consent for processing, you can always withdraw it.

You can view your data.

You can always ask us to view your data. How do you do that? You send an email to and we will provide you with the information we have about you.

1.2 You can improve your data

You have the right to have your personal data corrected. If you see an error in the data, we will correct it on simple request.

1.3 You can have your data deleted

You can request to delete your data. Then you can always do it, simply because you want to or because you suspect that Mary Magdalene oils has used your data unlawfully.

Send your question to delete the data to

We will delete all your personal data so that the personal information is no longer present in our database. By personal information we mean your name, first name, telephone, email, and address.

1.4 You can object to the specific use of data.

If you do not agree with the way in which Mary Magdalene oils uses your data based on the legitimate interest, you can object to this. We will always follow that unless there are compelling reasons not to do so (for example, tax or other legal rules).

1.5 You can request to transfer your data to a third party.

The data that you have submitted to Mary Magdalene oils can be fully or partially transferred to yourself or a third party. The privacy legislation provides a number of restrictions on this right so that it does not apply to all data.

1.6 You can exercise your rights.

Always be as specific as possible if you want to exercise your rights.

Mary Magdalene oils must be able to verify your identity and thus implement the changes. For some promotions, we must be able to verify your identity. That way nobody else can exercise your rights in your place.

Question remark? You can always ask this to 

If you have any complaints regarding the exercise of your rights, we suggest that you act as follows:

-first, make your complaint known via 

Mary Magdalene oils will then immediately check whether the complaint is justified, what the cause is and how we can resolve it. We are committed to doing this within 48 hours (working days). Sometimes, during leave periods it will be difficult. That is why we appeal to your understanding during those periods. However, it should not take longer than 1 week before you receive a response from us.

-If you do not provide a sufficient answer or response to your complaint, you can confirm this in writing to Mary Magdalene oils, Jacob Kleberg, Denmark, and / or via the email address 

-If you are not satisfied with the response to your complaint, or you do not agree with the position that Mary Magdalene oils takes with regard to your privacy, you can visit the site of the Belgian data protection authority where you can also file a complaint. can submit.

Part 2: Mary Magdalene oils processes your personal data for various reasons.

2.1 The legal reasons

Mary Magdalene oils sells goods online or through a physical store. Some parts of existing legislation then play:

- keeping accounts is a domain where the control of detailed data and transactions is checked down to the smallest detail. Some experts (accounting, auditing, tax) may have access to the data.

-the privacy legislation obliges Mary Magdalene oils to respond if the privacy committee handles complaints and requires certain information for this.

- the questions from judicial authorities (police, public prosecutor, investigating judges, courts) must also be answered by Mary Magdalene oils.

2.2 Mary Magdalene oils must be able to carry out its activity.

That is called the legitimate interest.

In addition to the list given above, Mary Magdalene oils must be able to carry out its real economic and commercial activity. Mary Magdalene oils therefore uses personal data for this. Mary Magdalene oils always ensures that the impact on privacy will be as limited as possible and that the balance between the legitimate interest of Mary Magdalene oils and the possible impact on your privacy is not disturbed. If you still have objections to the processing of your data, you can assert your right to object.

What is Mary Magdalene oils core activity and what is the processing of personal data in this context?

Mary Magdalene oils is looking for artisan producers, mainly in Europe. If the relationship with that producer is based on an artisanal, usually organic approach, we will visit this producer. In this way we build a relationship of trust with the producer, pay attention to his past and his story, and discuss the entire production process with him. After this we decide whether we purchase the products and we always do this directly in collaboration with the producer. These products can be purchased online or in the shop.

When purchasing, online or in the physical shop, leave your personal details. Your personal data and address online to be able to send the goods. In the shop we use your e-mail address with your agreement to be able to give discounts in this way.

Mary Magdalene oils will also let you know via e-mail if new products have been added to the range, if there are special promotions (sales, discounts ...), or if workshops are being organized. If you no longer wish to receive these emails, let us know or, even more simply, unsubscribe. That is possible in every mail that we send you with the enclosed link at the bottom of the mailing.

Mary Magdalene oils does not send you emails based on your profile. We first need your approval for this. In this case too you can unsubscribe in every email.

Apart from the reasons stated above, we are sometimes required to use personal data in the following situations:

data can also be used to safeguard the rights of Mary Magdalene oils and the people who represent them.

data can also be used to create synergy, efficiency gains or other organizational or process benefits.

- Personal data can be used for good governance, risk management and control for legal reasons, and compliance.

Personal data can also be brought together for the creation of segments and detailed profiles.

-To answer customers or prospects effectively or to offer effective tailor-made spontaneous proposals, it is possible that Mary Magdalene oils, in carefully underlying processes, consults customer profiles of yours as a basis for comparison. Your personal data will of course not be disclosed.

-the data can be used to support, simplify, use products and services by the customer to avoid having to re-enter information that you have previously provided. This way we avoid having to go through the entire identification process again

-personal data can be used in testing, improving, simplifying, evaluating processes, applications, models, satisfaction surveys ... We can also use cookies for example to contact you to see what went wrong if you had a process did not go through completely.

2.3 Mary Magdalene oils uses your personal data to conduct direct marketing.

Mary Magdalene oils offers various services. We wish to make these services known to you. This can be done on your express question, or if we suspect that you are interested or will benefit from a particular service.

This information can reach you in various ways. This can be done by mail, mail, apps, or other new technologies that make contact with you possible. We choose the most suitable channel that bothers you the least.

No general advertisements that do not interest you, but we will only make highly personalized proposals with your explicit permission.

You can revoke this permission at any time, as easily as you have given it.

If you do not want personalized information about our services, you do not give permission for customized information.

But even if you don't want a highly personalized offer, you can still receive offers from Mary Magdalene oils. We then wish to draw your attention to specific situations or moments why you can take the most advantage as described in our core activity. You can always indicate that you no longer wish to receive it in the future. Then we will take that into account.

2.4 The use of cookies

As long as you do not enter any personal data during your visit to, or, you will remain anonymous. We only know your IP address (that is the address of your computer). Via this address we can obtain statistical information about your visit to our site (which pages were visited, how long did the visit last ...). We use this information to further improve, and, so that we can offer our visitors the site that best suits their needs. After all, we strive to present the products of the artisan producers to you as efficiently and clearly as possible.

All websites on the internet use cookies. These are small pieces of information that are stored on your computer's hard drive during your visit. These cookies never contain personal data or personal information.
They do contain information that should make it possible to constantly improve and adapt the site.

You can opt not to store these cookies; by adjusting the settings of your browser. However, the use of cookies is so widely spread that not accepting cookies could cause problems while surfing. Many websites can no longer be presented to you in a complete and simple way.

2.5 Mary Magdalene oils does not sell any personal data.

Mary Magdalene oils does not rent or sell your personal data to third parties for their own use, unless you choose and consent to it.

When we carry out certain studies, we always ensure that the personal data is made anonymous. This way, no-one can find out whose personal data it is.


Part 3: The personal data is used depending on the purpose.

There are various reasons or purposes for which Mary Magdalene oils uses personal data.

3.1 Information to identify, contact and correctly advise you.

To identify you: name, address, date of birth, gender, nationality, customer number, purchase order ...

To contact you: telephone number, e-mail, language, user name in social media. In addition, technical data may also be part of the method of contacting you (eg IPs, Mac address, unique identification data of your devices). Fingerprint recognition or other technological options (eye recognition, for example) may also be part of the way you contact and recognize that it is you in the future.

To advise and serve you: the product visit on the website, your preferences and interests during your visit to the website, your customer profile based on your behavior and the expression of the need on the website, your feedback via comments, suggestions and complaints from the past so that we can better help you in the future.

3.2 Public data and data obtained through third parties.

By this we mean data such as:

- obtained through legal publication obligations (such as entries in the Belgian official journal)

posted by you on your publicly accessible social media, on your website, your blog

articles that appeared in the press or that are generally known in your area.

Mary Magdalene oils can also receive data from third parties by purchasing or renting it. These companies are then responsible for obtaining the information lawfully, and may be sold or rented to third parties.

This data from third parties can help Mary Magdalene oils to check and update the accuracy of the data in our files.

Data related to your localization can also be useful for Mary Magdalene oils. This geolocalization is often used with a smartphone and other recent devices. If Mary Magdalene oils makes use of this, it will request permission for this. This geolocalization data can be useful to offer you a service that is suitable with regard to that location. In addition, Mary Magdalene oils can also use this information to better protect your data or to refine analyzes and studies.

Part 4: The processing of your data.

4.1 Access to the personal data

All employees and managers at Mary Magdalene oils have access to your personal data. In this way Mary Magdalene oils can respond quickly and accurately to your question regarding your personal data.

We never give your details to third parties. If a third party asks for your data, we will always ask for identification of this person and your agreement to transfer your data.

4.2 The processing of your data

Mary Magdalene oils processes your data to present the correct information to you.

Mary Magdalene oils works with external partners for financial reporting and accounting. Within the framework of these activities, they have access to Mary Magdalene oils data, including possibly personal data.

Other processors that process Mary Magdalene oils data are the following:

-the payment system linked to the online shop (eg Mollie, Paypal, ...) process the payment on their website after you have chosen to make a payment. This processing is done entirely on the website of the payment system. Once the payment is successful, Mary Magdalene oils will be notified. We will then send your purchased products quickly.

-the payment system in the physical shop or store: this payment system makes the payment on the basis of your card (eg Bancontact, visas, etc.) or other payment means via your mobile phone. Your data is processed for the realization of the payment.

-Google: Mary Magdalene oils uses a lot of Google tools. From e-mail applications to marketing tools (Google Adwords) and analysis tools (Google Analytics). Rarely do these tools contain personal data. Google has its own privacy policy. You can read this policy at

-Mary Magdalene oils uses external suppliers for sending emails. These suppliers use the mail addresses when sending emails from Mary Magdalene oils. These e-mail addresses are of course not used for any other purpose than sending e-mails on behalf of Mary Magdalene oils (Mailchimp, Mailerlite, SendinBlue).

4.3 Processors outside the EU

If the processors of personal data are located outside the EU, the protection of personal data is governed by local law. To ensure that European rules are also respected in such cases, there is an EU-US Privacy Shield. By becoming a member of this organization, companies in the US and EU declare to follow the rules. If your personal data is used by, for example, an American company (Facebook, Google, Amazon, Sendinblue, Wix, Lightspeed,...), the European rules apply to your data. Mary Magdalene oils will ensure that the partners with whom we work are members of this organization.

4.4 Measures for the protection of your personal data

Mary Magdalene oils ensures that processors follow the rules of privacy legislation.

The processors will only gain access to the personal data that is required within the framework of their assignment.

In addition, the processors undertake to process the data securely and confidentially within the framework of their assignment. In the event of a violation, Mary Magdalene oils cannot be held liable in the place of the processor.

Mary Magdalene oils takes the necessary technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized persons from processing, altering or destroying personal data.

4.5. The limited storage of your data.

We use the personal data for a specific purpose. If this goal disappears, we delete the data.

There are no legal rules for retaining the data that Mary Magdalene oils collects.

When a Mary Magdalene oils customer has left his data, we store this data securely in our databases.

When a Mary Magdalene oils customer does not make a second purchase within a 3-year period, we remove his data from the Mary Magdalene oils files.


XI. Intellectual ownership


All parts of the Seller's site, both the visual elements and the sound elements, including the technology used for this, are protected by copyright, trademarks or licenses or, more generally, by the intellectual property law. They are the exclusive property of the Seller.


Without prejudice to the law of 30 June 1994 on copyright and related rights, the reproduction, distribution, sale, distribution, publication, adaptation, translation, editing and use for commercial purposes of all or part of this Site is prohibited, unless with prior and prior written permission from the Seller.


Users who have their own website on the internet and who, even for purely personal use, want to set up an automatic link between their own site and the Seller's homepage, must explicitly request permission from the Seller for this.


However, any hypertext link that links back to the Seller's Site through the technique of framing or in-line link is expressly prohibited. In any case, every link must be removed at the Seller's request.


XII. General


The sales conditions can be changed at any time without prior notice.

The nullity of any provision of these terms and conditions will not have any influence on the validity of the other provisions of these terms and conditions and will not lead to the nullity of these provisions.


The User acknowledges that they have read these general online terms and conditions and declares to accept all terms, conditions and prices.


The User undertakes to immediately notify the Seller of any change of address by registered letter.


Only Netherlands law is applicable to these general terms and conditions and the legal consequences that arise from them. All disputes to which current general terms and conditions could give rise fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the judicial district of Leuven, regardless of the payment or delivery method. After all, the parties accept that Leuven is the place where the obligations arising from the delivery by the Seller to the User arise, within the meaning of art. 624, 2 ° Ger.W.


Complaints regarding online transactions can be made via the website of the European Commission, the ODR Platform (Online Dispute Resolution)


On this site you will also find information about the various options for settling disputes extrajudicially.