"Excited to share my experiences with this oil and balm. I´ve been testing them on my family and myself for a few months now and I have been using them for many different occasions. By that I means everything from headaches, skin rash, fever, back pain, soar throat to a close encounter with Hectors long nails on my daughters cheek.


My 5 year old son had for a long time found it very difficult to find peace when going to bed. His body would move around in countless positions, his mouth would be going non stop with sound effects so when I was given this oil & balm I was very excited to see if it would have an effect if I gave him a foot massage with the oil at bedtime. 

First of all they really enjoyed the foot massage, and it clearly had a calming effect. After only a few days they would remind me if I forgot this ritual. Now I only use the oil under their feet when they need it, because he no longer has problems finding peace when going to bed. After I started giving him the oil at bedtime he has opened up for emotions that he are more aware of now and can express, that he is actually quite afraid of the dark. So it is easy to help him now, knowing what it is he needs in order to find rest.


I have also been very grateful for the balm when it comes to my children's skin.

During really cold days their cheeks are vulnerable and the balm has been so very useful to prevent but also repair the skin. 

My 3 year old daughter sometimes has really dry skin on her hands because she thinks its hilarious to wash her hands and play with water and soap. The balm is great for this purpose as well. 


I have used it with good results when my skin needs extra attention and healing.

Knowing it is anti aging is just a great BIG plus..."

"When I used the balm on my feet, it felt like everything that didn't belong to me sank into the ground."

"Soooo Special!!! Fantastic oil touching me deep in my soul." Maren - Doula - The Netherlands

"I use the oil and balm a lot in my healing practice. For me the oil has a more soft and feminine energy, perfect to use in the aura, on the heart chakra, or to work with on trauma's in the body. The balm has a more male energy and works deeper, perfect for the 3rd eye, on the feet, and area's which can use a deep clearance or purification." Evi - Practitioner - Belgium

"Very subtile, heart carried, healing oil! I love it, deeply nourishing on so many levels... " Anna Practitioner - Belgium"