Maria Magdalene Oil and Salve are for external use only.

Maria Magdalene Oil is a practically aid to be used on the chakras (see drawing at the bottom of this page) for example in connection with meditation or other spiritual practices. Add a little on your finger tip and massage it anti clockwise (seen from outside the body) on the chakra area (see drawing) until absorbed by the skin.

We recommend that the Oil is only used on a few chakras at a time. It is only recommended on all chakras in a session, a retreat or at therapeutic courses.

Maria Magdalene Salve is a practically aid to be used where you feel discomfort or malaise on special areas of the body.

Discomfort can also be anger, grief, jealousy or other uncomfortable feelings.

Sit down in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take some deep breaths to relax and calm your body.

When you are focused then allow your attention to go through your body. You take the position as the observer and are totally neutral to what is happening. In this neutral alertness you localize where the discomfort or malaise is centered in the body. On the localized area of the body you add some of the Salve and massage it gently into the skin. The Maria Magdalene Salve can also be used with great benefit in your love relation. It can be used to anoint the feet of your beloved or to be gently massaged into the intimate parts of your beloved, where it will give a subtle sensation.

We recommend that you use the salve on not more than 15 x 15 cm (6 x 6 inches) of the localized area of your body.

The rule "Less is more" is quite relevant here.

Notice! Please notice that the Maria Magdalene Salve should not be used instead of consulting the Doctor, the Psychiatrist or the Therapist.

The Maria Magdalene Oil and Salve work both on the physical and your etheric body, so listen to your body.

Your body will know when to use the remedy and when to stop.


We recommend only using  the oil on a few chakras at a time.

It is only recommended to use oil on all chakras in connection with a session, retreat, or therapeutic course.

The Mary Magdalene oil is a practical aid for use on the chakras e.g. in connection with meditation or other spiritual practices.

Take a small drop on the fingertips and massage counterclockwise (seen from outside) of the chakras, massage until the oil is absorbed in the skin.