It is time to enter the wedding chamber, to anoint the heart of the chosen one. No matter if the chosen one is your beloved or your higher Self, The Original Anointing Oil of Maria Magdalene will help you open up to each other in peace and complete honesty.

The anointing Oil of Maria Magdalene dissolves all fear, enlightens you with spiritual clarity, and changes bitterness, despair and anger into acceptance, love and compassion.

For thousands of years – from Melchisedek and the Queen of Sheba to Jesus the Nazarene and Mary Magdalene – the anointing ritual has been at the very heart of the wedding ceremony between spiritual lovers. Mary Magdalene used it when she anointed Jesus' head. The bride anoints the bridegroom and the bridegroom anoints the bride.

Pour some of the oil onto your fingers and massage it in an anti clockwise circle on the forehead and heart centre of the beloved. On the wedding night, the oil, when applied to the heart chakra and sacred organs of your beloved, will arouse you both to an orgasm of the heart. In the process, it will stimulate your etheric body balance the centres from the root chakra to the crown: the seventh heaven help you focus and improve your intuition.

The heart is the fertile ground in which the seed of love is planted.

From this seed of love the flower of the pineal will grow and eventually blossom as your Third Eye – the eye of prophecy, wisdom and eternal love.

The Original Anointing Oil of Maria Magdalene will be your perfect fertilizer of the heart.